Sunday, October 25, 2009

Adventure is Out There!

Woken up by three screaming and jumping kids, one of them my fiance, shakes a man up a bit. After pulling myself together and working on a bit of homework, we headed to a certain Japanese grill. The chef tossed food, which Syd caught first try. I didn't catch both tries but I had plenty of soy sauce on my face.
A quick visit to Syd's and a change of clothes led us to downtown Provo. After arguing with a hairy man and a woman with a black eye over 75 cents I didn't have, we found a dance club. After getting patted down (I mean really REALLY patted down) and stamped on my hand we joined the dance. But just our luck, we were the only ones to show up... 30 blinking lights, 10 loud speakers, and a song later we were out of there.
I had mint brownie ice cream and Syd a pineapple coconut cone. We wanted to take a look at the new In-N-Out burger but an old man in a dark car was already there watching us. Dryer heated blankets and a new episode of Monk closed the night. These are all adventures far too long to post here. These are the feet that brought us to them.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Got my wisdom teeth out yesterday!!
I went in at 2, and walked out of the office at 3:30!
They gave me some laughing gas before the IV and told me in about 20 minutes I'd get the anesthesia... after about 3 minutes on the gas I was completely out and didn't come to till I was sitting in the car.
I was completely numb from ear to ear until about 4 am this morning! So luckily the pain was nothing yesterday.
David was sooo sweet. He doted and cared for me all day long. Plus--He brought me some stellar presents! Pictures anyone? ...

First he brought me a whole bunch of posters and a HUGE box of crayons! The picture on top is what we drew yesterday. We played the you draw a part, I draw a part game. It was a blast!

He also got me MY FAVORITE BOOK IN THE WORLD! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!! And now have two copies, cause I lend it out all the time! If you haven't read it yet, let me know! I'll get you one of my copies. It's a MUST read! (I rarely read, so for me to actually love a book this much is kinda a big deal)

David took fantastic care of me! My other official care taker? MOM! I love my mom so much! She has always taken the best care to raise me! haha I was getting sick of the ice packs, but my face was swelling up pretty badly this morning, so here's what I get to look like for pretty much the rest of the day:

Yes, this is an ice pack wrapped in a towel (so it's not too cold on my skin), wrapped around my head is an Ace bandage so I'll keep the ice on! Haha! Oh, and in my mouth is plenty of gauze to stop bleeding. Its kinda painful, but I'm glad to have a few days worth of pain and get rid of the constant jaw pain and headaches I was having everyday for the last few months!

All in all I'm happy they're out! Thanks David and Mom for making it a relaxing and enjoyable!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My One and Only

On a call from Australia someone asked me about myself. I told her about my fiance and my school. She then asked if I was a mormon and I told her I was. She then quickly asked how many fiances/wives I have. Just Sydney, my one and only.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Epic-icity of weekends.

So, first off, this is Sydney. Just signed in as David. So I changed the blog! Well we did. David probably doesn't want to share what parts of this change he truly participated in... so we just wont go there.
We've had a great weekend! David came up to visit me again! I love it when he comes clear up. We always have good time happy fun going on adventures, sleeping, and making cool things! David got here on Friday before my 8:30 class was over! He couldn't sleep after work, so he just drove straight up. When he first got here he still couldn't sleep so we watched a movie then fell asleep.
After a 2 hour nap I was wide wide awake! Of course David had just been up for 21 hours, so I let him sleep for 6 more hours. When he was up we went and grabbed some Cafe Rio for dinner and then spent the rest of the night at "The Shak" aka Nathaniel and Tyler's house. We mostly played video games, and worked on an up and coming song that our friend Cleatus (really Nathaneil in disguise) is writing. hot baby, sweet sweet lady.
The next morning I was woken up by my phone ringing! When I said hello, all David said was: Good morning, put on some warm clothes and come outside. Apparently he had decided the theme of the day would be: spontaneous. With in 10 minutes of waking up we were getting out of the car clear up the canyon! Up there we built a fire out of some hot embers that had been left there from the night before! (This is a looong but hilarious story, and this blog is already getting long so ask me about it sometime and I'll tell you the funny parts)
After the fire we watched more movie, and then took a nap. Again, I got up long before David. So while he was sleeping I came up with weird ways to wake him up. Such as, Eating popcorn loudly right next to him, throwing popcorn at him, giving him wet willies, taking his blankets and pillow, jumping on the bed, and finally a nice weggie. (The final one was what really made him come to in the end.) When we were both up and ready we decided something fun was needed.
Boring it sounds? Not when you take a couple friends to the nearest town - Preston. Only a half hour a way from Logan. But what to do in Preston? Buy lottery tickets. The lady at the gas station was AWESOME at helping us pick winner cards.
Our winnings:
David spent 12 dollars, Won 1 dollar! but then put that money back into a losing ticket.
Here's David and his scratched tickets:

(umm... I don't know how to turn it. So I guess sorry, just turn your head.)

Rachel spent 3 dollars, won 9 dollars! but then put that money back into losing tickets.
After standing in a gas station for a good 2o minutes, we moved on. It was still early into the night so of course we went... Bowling! In Preston. At a little tiny place called Pop N Pins.

I loved this place, from it's 9 friendly regulars, to the Napoleon claims to fame, to the sign that said this room is PG rated, to the old-fashion way of keeping your own score! (Good thing David knew how to do that cause no one else did!)
I lost, Rachel got second to last, then came Nathaniel, next David, and Jen won us all.
Here's our score card to prove it:

And here's me bowling:

It was quite the epic of adventures.
The end.