Thursday, August 18, 2011

I think this means it's real...

I think I actually start teaching on Tuesday.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Enduring to the end means improving to the end."

"Sit tell in the saddle, hold your head up high
Keep your eyes fixed, where the trail meets the sky
And live like you ain't afraid to die
And don't be scared, just enjoy your ride." -Chris LeDoux

Thanks for the many life lessons Lynn. Your funeral was beautiful today. Enjoy your ride, we'll all see you soon enough.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


One year and a month and a day (yesterday)...
Crap I'm horrible at the whole anniversary blog post idea!
I missed the real 1 year mark on here, but I figured that the whole one-one-one would be cool-- Then I went and missed that one too!

Anyways! All that matters is we're still deeply in love.
You know the cheesy: I love him. I love her.
But really, he's the best.

This summer has been fast, short, and BUSY!
I do school every day. He does work every day.
We both do Insanity (almost) every day.
We both come home at night and stare at the wall trying to contemplate how we're going to make it through the next day.
Then on the weekends we either:
a) do homework
b) play with friends (aka family)
c) go camping

:) It's a wonderful life.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Excuse my rant...

Ok honestly. I'm sick of this. I have class everyday (no, I don't have a problem with this, I quite like school, which is good considering my major) and everyday the same thing happens. I really don't appreciate that everyday as I am just about to walk out the door I think "uhhoh, I have five hours of class with no break and I'm hungry."
Dang it!
First of all, I'm already late to class (almost). But I go scavenge anyways. Soon, I realize they're is NO food in the house (no matter how much there really is). Then I think, I could stop at Wendy's... NO! I will not spend $2.99 on gross food- that's at least 4 D.I. books I could have in my classroom.
At this point I really am going to be late (if I go the speed limit) so I grab something I really don't want and head to the car.

Today I gnawed on some extra stale Hint of Lime chips that I think were left over from my birthday in march.

I really gotta go buy some fruit snacks.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today is: 375 days.

You name it, and we've probably been through it this year.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer School

Today I...

studied out on the lawn.

It was pleasant to the fullest extent.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Moab Trip

First, Charlee helped me pack everything into the car:

By the time we got there that night, it was just time to go to sleep...

The next day we went hiking. The next three pictures were taken on the easy part of the trip. This hike was literally the hardest hike in Arches, the signs said: Primitive Trail. It was only about 5 miles, but took us a good couple hours. Very hard, but a blast!

Here's one of David and me:

And one of Mel and Staci:
Look at my husband! Super HOT! I mean-- look at those calves! ...oh and the view is pretty ok too.
No words really describe this one... (troll hair?)

That night Stef and Nate came up with their girls. Super fun! We went on a hike the next day.
It was gorgeous.
The whole hike was up a little canyon, switching from one side of the other. Each time we crossed through the stream. Some sunny parts, some shady parts, through the water, out of the water... We loved this hike.

I honestly don't remember taking this picture... And I have no idea who the guy is... But I'm sure Mel remembers it, (she remembers arms like that quite well)...

As you can see from the pictures above and below, all Farnsworth ladies got tired at one point or another...
Through the river...
We found a few caterpillars, Alice kept one on a stick for a while...
At the end of the hike there was this beautiful 'bridge'.
On the way back we messed around. This picture is of Mel spitting the water onto David n Mimi...

I thought this one was darling: David giving Mimi a drink...

All in all: AWESOME camping trip!

This was our second trip to Moab this season. Hopefully we'll make it down much more this summer!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rest Of The Stay-cation

Here's what we did for the rest of our wonderful mini vacation...

Saturday: We slept in as late as we pleased and then decided to walk down to the pizza place a couple blocks away-- but then we saw it was gross weather and drove instead. Good choice considering that from there we went to Fast Kart! So much FUN! (besides the forever long wait) My arm is still a little sore from turning so much, but we were both pretty good! Of course David was much better than I-- but at least I beat out the slow guy in the group that went with us! :) From there we went back to the hotel to relax; including the jacuzzi, then a shower, and then a bath. Haha! It was super nice. On our way out we perfectly happened to drive by David's mom-- her and Shelly were up to see the symphony, and they were parking at the hotel we were at the timing couldn't have been more perfect! Just a minute difference and we wouldn't have been able to see them!
Then the best husband ever took me shopping... aka walking around in the cold snow while I picked up something to admire how cute it was only to see the price tag and put it down running.
I'm a master at this type of shopping. From the Gateway we found this small and DELICIOUS Thai place. We ate to our fill and then had some more. On our way home we met up with my amazing mom-in-law and Shelly! They came up to the room for about 10 minutes just to say hi before they went back to Orem. Soon as they left we collapsed into bed and watched tv till our eyes couldn't stay open anymore.

Early this morning we woke up got ready and ran over to Temple Square where we met up with David's Aunt Kathleen and cousin Cody and his new wife. We all enjoyed Music and the Spoken Word and then walked around the visitors center for another hour. It was great to meet Cody and Stephanie. We went back to the hotel and relaxed for a while before church (it was fun to find some random ward to attend). We literally did not leave our room
for the rest of the day. We took naps, watch Jersey Shore, and ate leftover pizza... I told David multiple times: "I've never been this bored and ok with being this bored before." There was absolutely nothing to do, and I loved it. I read mags, watched August Rush, and found all kinds of new hidden places in Mario on my gameboy.

Monday: Our last day... We woke up and packed quickly. Then we went and ate the breakfast buffet at JB's (the restaurant connected to the hotel), it was pretty disgusting. But we were expecting exactly that, so it was just fine. We grabbed the rest of our things, checked out and drove all the way home. And just to top off how great of a weekend it was, I sang my little heart out to country the whole way home.

It was the most perfect Mini Stay-cation EVER!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mini Holiday

So after many weeks of absolute INSANITY David decided that a mini vacation was absolutely needed!
My wonderful Valentines day surprise was a reservation for a room up in SLC for the entire long weekend!
I've been looking forward to it all week. By Thursday I was counting down the hours!!

We started out with a crazy lady asking us for help on the street. She kept telling us she wasn't crazy, which didn't help her argument. We took a stroll down main street and stopped at Vasuvios for a tasty organic bite. It was amazing. Paninis will never be the same.

We then walked back to the hotel, settled in, and we're falling asleep now. Goodnight!!

Oh, and here's the view from the room:
Notice Temple Square in the right corner, the Conference Center in the middle, and the Capitol Building!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Joseph Lincoln Raynes PhD, age 64, passed away peacefully January 10, 2011, surrounded by his eternal family, after a battle with brain cancer.

He was born June 21, 1946, in Provo, Utah to Beth Milner and Lincoln Frances Raynes; he was the second of eight children. Much of his childhood was spent on the Oregon Coast. While at BYU, Joe met his beautiful wife Alice Nielsen in a laundromat and it was love at first sight. Their first conversation began with his joke about both having red hair. They married in the Salt Lake Temple on May 27, 1969. They have ten children, all redheaded. It was impossible to be around Joe and not know he loved his family, the Gospel, and serving others.

Joseph completed his Bachelors and Masters degrees at BYU and earned his PhD at Texas A&M University. He served and inspired others throughout his lifelong career in Education. He was an Elementary School Teacher, Principal at Joaquin Elementary, Dean of Continuing Education, Dean of Trades and Technology, and Associate Academic Vice President at Utah Valley State College. He was instrumental in bringing the Education Program to the now Utah Valley University. He loved being a Professor of Education. His influence is carried through the countless teachers he molded.

Traveling the world extensively, Joe was always in search of opportunities to serve others. Fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish, he lived in Bolivia and traveled throughout South America with his young family while working with the Bolivian government. He lived in Colonia Juarez, Mexico working with the Juarez Stake Academy, and traveled to Mongolia to develop their higher education programs during their transition from Communism. He was a gifted storyteller who weaved his life experiences into tales that both entertained and edified.

He was a dedicated servant of the Lord, who served an honorable LDS mission in the Brazil North Mission. He labored as Branch President at the MTC, Bishop of Cascade 2nd Ward, High Council Member in Orem Cascade Stake, and Ordinance Worker in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. A gifted teacher of life and salvation, he lived to bring action to the Gospel’s precepts.

Joe was a builder of homes, ideas, and lives. A gentle giant, who was steadfast, thoughtful, humble, and strong; he spent his life in quiet service. His greatness was shown by his Christ-like love, the warmth of his smile, the power of his patience, the richness of his intelligence, his ability and desire to teach even the hardest of hearts, his comedic timing, and his gift to uplift others through his faith, stories, and unconditional love. His love of the Savior showed in everything he did.

He is survived by his loving wife of 41 years, Alice Nielsen Raynes, and their ten children: Janelle (Nathan) Gerber, Michelle, Denise (Paul) Pitcher, Alison (Marshall) Smith, Melanee, Stefanie (Nate) Farnsworth, Jonathan (Daniela), Danielle (Bryan) Kennedy, Derrick (Alexa), David (Sydney), and their 17 grandchildren. He is also survived by his father and five sisters.

We will post details for the viewing and the funeral soon.