Sunday, June 20, 2010

A long time coming....

To everyone who made our most important weekend the most amazing weekend ever.

Thank you to Daddy Harris, who helped in every aspect of the reception and wedding and gave me his only daughter.

Thank you Mommy Harris, who planned every detail and made sure moment by moment was perfect for everyone, but especially us.

Thank you Mama Raynes, for putting together the luncheon and taking big rocks off our backs to create a wonderful day.

Thank you Father Raynes, who although he was sick needed bed rest, worked tirelessly on our special day and apartment to make it a wonderful experience we will remember forever.

Thank you Kyle, who worked hours and hours to put together our dream wedding.

Thank you Gavin, for always being available to help with anything and everything.

Thank you Connor, for helping everyone with what they needed right then.

Thank you Raynes siblings, your help and support through the last year has gotten us to where we are today.

Thank you Leah, who put together the bridal shower and worked at Sydney's side throughout the most difficult times. For being the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

Thank you Brylie, for being my cuz to the end. Listening to me jabber on and on through the entire semester about the pointless stuff.

Thank you Hilary, best boot buddy of all time. I can always count on getting a smile from you!

Thank you Jon for giving me a great man night. We did man things. It was awesome.

Thank you Derrick for being willing to take on anything we threw your way.

Thanks to Denise and Sammy, Stef, Nate, Alice, and Scarlet, Alexa and Derrick, Penfold family, and Uncle David, Bixler Grandparents, Gordon, and Price family for all traveling so far! It meant so much that you would take that time to travel for us.

Thank you momma Becky for being the go-to girl for any and every wedding question we possibly had, for doing the flowers, helping with the shower, helping with the cake, and everything in between.

Thanks to everyone that came to the church all weekend long to help get things ready. Especially to Bryan who made the reception possible.

Thank you to Corina who catered the delicious food for entire lunch-in.

Thank you to so many others.
We know we could never possibly name everyone, but hopefully this is one, (small) step closer.
We love you.
Thank You.