Friday, May 28, 2010


Wedding wedding wedding wedding wedding wedding wedding wedding wedding wedding!
It's pretty much all I think about lately...
Like here's the list of where my mind has gone in the last ten minutes:
-my dress
-their dresses
-gifts for my gals
-fruit cabobs or just fruit?
-do I have to serve carrots?
-do out-of-towners have places to stay?
-how do I not send that particular person an invite?
-what if it snows (thank you Utah.)
-need a box
-sign in book perfection

So in order to get everything done, I've sorta kinda come up with a timeline-ish (in my head). I need to sit down and write it out because it figures I should get the invites out before I start cutting pineapple.
Goal of the week: Get invites out ASAP!
I thought I'd have them out by last Friday, that didn't happen for a long list of reasons. Now it's Friday again, and 90% of the invites are still here. Oops. I blame myself completely on this one!
Anyways, these should be getting out sooner or later. (Hopefully before the wedding at least.)

Last night me and Connor spent an hour and a half stuffing 500 envelopes. At first I was hesitant to let him do it, but I got over that quick when I realized my stack. We actually had a great time doing it! We chatted the whole time about everything from school to wedding to how awesome David is to soccer. It was great to connect with him again and spend some one-on-one time with my little bro (while getting some wedding help too!)

Here's a picture or two of how we did it:

This is Connor smiling about to fill that last envelope...

Then I showed him that was only one brick... We were half way done instead of totally done... I told him to smile, but he said this was a better face. Haha I couldn't agree more.

This is me imagining the amount of paper cuts I was about to get. :) I'm very happy to report we're all paper cut free!
P.S. please ignore the laundry in the background. It's the last week of school for both my parents-- if you have teachers for parents you know completely what I mean.

Also my wonderful friend Hope came and helped me with the last pile! So nice of her!! Sadly I didn't get a picture of her doin it... But I'm sure she's more than ok with that.

All in all we've got them all stuffed!! They all just need: licking (gross), labels, return address labels, a swirl in the back, and a handful need some inserts.

And that's my update to all on the Good Time Happy Fun Blissful Joyness of Wedding Planning for the day!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Creepiest Toy Ever

I got it in my happy meal and all it says is:

Ha, Haha, Ho, BABABABAP, and Rumpelstiltskin!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Pink Boa

Syd and I were just walking through Roberts looking for wedding stuff and over the intercom we hear that the next person at the customer service desk with a pink boa wins a prize. As quickly as Syd could point me toward the aisle, I was sprinting through Roberts with a hot pink feather boa in my hand. As I came to a stop I realized I was the only person slightly interested in the competition and that every second I allowed that effeminate scarf tickle to tickle my hand the longer I was unable to call myself a real man. I won a card creation set, enough to make two cards and as I carried that trophy around with me, a part of me died. I'm not such a fan of Roberts anymore.