Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Syd Suprise

Syd came to visit me Monday night really quickly but because I was feeling sick, we watched AFV. These were my favorite

If every child grew up singing this song, the world would be a better place.

Get a wig on that kid.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Homecoming Weekend

Ironically, neither of us spent homecoming weekend at home...

I came up to Logan to visit Syd Friday evening (true Aggie night oh baby) and after meeting a couple roommates we went off to play wall ball with a few friends of mine. Sydney drew with chalk on the playground floor as I writhed in pain. Why? Let's explain.

The rules of wall ball:
You get three outs then someone has to try to hit you as you stand next to the wall. Well on my final out as I was running to touch the wall Nathaniel's toss sent the ball from the wall to my bad place (it's not bad it's just special). After a moment to gather myself and count how many fingers, I stood up to get my turn as the target. Nathaniel felt bad for hitting me already so he decided to lob the ball. Lob the ball as light as he may, but he still bounced it between my legs, into the wall, and straight into my...special place. And to think right now we could be at America's Funniest Home Videos receiving a check for $100,000 had we just a flip video recorder...

Fast forward...crash on Nathaniel's couch...go see Gavin's game...watch USU beat SUU...energy drink! Stop.
I had never seen Syd have an energy drink and when we went to the grocery store after the game I challenged her. She had one half of a can and was bouncing off the walls. Throwing things at me, tackling James, running mini-marathons, and whistling followed. Promptly after she crashed I sent her to bed.

After waking up on Nathaniel's couch again I went over to Syd's house and we made this!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Miss You

I can sing you a song but I can't sing it well enough.

I can send you a picture but it won't show you how I feel.

I can try to write something sweet and beautiful but I have writers-block.

So I'll just tell you that in everything beautiful around me I see only you and that I miss you.