Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Hedgehog and a Date

Syd made our decision... We're getting a Hedgehog. I'll update you when we actually get it.

Oh, and Syd settled on a date. Want to find out what it is? Great. When she lets me announce it you'll know first!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

7/11/2009 = unforgettable.

Wow... Life has been so completely BUSY!
I started writing this just a few days after actually getting engaged, but it was taking waaay too long considering the detail I decided to go into. So I'm finally finishing it for our 1 month anniversary if being engaged!
Here it is:

I'm Engaged!
It's been requested that I write the story about my last saturday on here, I thought it was a great idea!
Last Saturday Danielle was throwing her *classic* Harry Potter party! Me and David decided to make it to the first movie so that we wouldn't feel too bad when we couldn't stay all day long. But when I got to his apartment in the morning we both fell asleep. Till 9. We were supposed to be there at 8. Oops. So he told me since we were already late we might as well just go to the mall and run some errands first. First things first, when we got there we took pictures in an automatic photo booth. He was thinking the whole time--aww cute! We'll have these to remember this special day with. I was thinking- Woah! Fun times! Lets make this crazy. So he was trying to make things nice and smile or be kissing. I was throwing faces, putting my hands in the pictures, and couldn't stop laughing when he was trying to do the kissing one. When we walked out of there and looked at them he was so frustrated that I had ruined his pictures. I couldn't grasp why in the world he would want serious ones.
Who takes serious pictures in the mall?
It was only 9:30 am. The mall doesn't open till 10... after a short time of awkwardly looking at all the closed stores... we decided that some frozen yogurt would be a good breakfast. We had HUGE cones that we ate while sitting on the child's play place down by Famous Footwear. THe mall was incredibly quiet with only a few people around. It was quiet the experience! After sitting there long enough for the stores to open we went around a few short phone shops for me (if you haven't heard about my phone luck this summer ask me sometime) and then looked at a few places to go ring shopping. The couple of places that we went were nice and every ring was beautiful. In fact, it was a big problem because I loved (pretty much) every single ring they pulled out. Simple, complex, modern, traditional... I liked them all. He kept asking me to put ones back that I didn't like but I couldn't decide. Finally after about a half hour and having many, many rings to choose from we took off to Danielle's.
Most of his family was there just relaxing, talking and eating--the classic. I sat down with a couple nieces and nephews to watch some Harry. I tried to get David to sit down and watch it with me, but figured he must-a been hungry because he was always too busy eating or walking around to sit and chill.
The day before we had an agreement that we'd go on a picnic for lunch supposedly because he "just felt like it." I was into that! I love picnics and thought it was good weather to go (not too hot, not too cold). David told me that he was running over to his parents to grab the food and blankets while I relaxed watching some wizards fight each other.
When he got back we grabbed the last few things we needed, said goodbye and walked out the door. He took me to Sera Park and as soon as we got there I knew we had to go sit under our tree. Yes WE have our own tree there. At first we laughed at our tree because it's looking pretty sad and thin. But for the sentimental values, we didn't much care. Our meal started with fruit salad, went to potato salad, and then went to the main portion: Doritos. I was only half way done with my chips when he wanted to have desert. I told him that I wanted to finish my chips first, but finally decided that I could finish them after desert. We moved over to the bench right next to our tree to eat "desert". He was so nervous! I kept trying to joke around and make things happy, but he would just give me a half chuckle and then stare off at some kids playing on the playground.
A small awkward moment after my "Hey this bench we're sitting on was dedicated to some lady who loved this park, she must have died loving it" statement came and went when he looked at me and said...
"I took your parents out to dinner last night..."
That's when he got down on his knee, pulled a little wooden box out of his pocket, and started saying some of the most beautiful words I've ever heard.
They included (but were not limited to):
I love you. I want to be with you for the eternities. You are the most beautiful person in the entire world, and I can't imagine not having you by my side for the rest of my existence.
Will you marry me Sydney?
I was speechless. He was crying, I was tearing up. I gave him a huge hug and just took in the moment. After hugging for a good couple of minutes he pulled back and said, "Wait, is that a yes?" I couldn't help but laugh and say absolutely!
We sat in the bench and then moved back on to the blanket for about 10 minutes while we talked, kissed, laughed, and hugged. It was a perfect moment that I'll never forget.
But the time was short and everyone (my family and his) were all waiting to hear the news, so we went back to Danielle's where his family was waiting with open arms to welcome me and give us both their love.
It was incredible to feel their support only moments after officially announcing that I'd be part of their family.
After showing off my ring, eating some (real) food, and playing with the kiddos for a half hour we headed back to the park where my family was meeting us to see the ring and hear the story. It was fun to show them exactly what had happened, and to let my dad (being the great dad he is) kick off another family from the bench so that we could take pictures there.
It was an incredible day.
I love you my David!
Thanks for giving me the world, not just on 7/11 but everyday.

Monday, July 13, 2009

What should be our first pet?

We're getting married. If you've made it this far you should already know that. I'm doing this without Sydney's permission because I only have so much freedom left.

I need a vote. What should be our first pet? We have the options of:





Take your pick. Welcome to the new blog everyone!